My Platform

Public Safety

Homelessness and crime have become part of our every day life, and they shouldn't be.  I advocate for smart, low cost solutions like Ohana Zones to clean up our streets.  In 2018 I passed a House Concurrent Resolution urging the City to provide more police officers for the Chinatown area, to protect you and your businesses.

Affordable Housing

Growing up in our community, I've watched as many of my childhood friends moved away to find work and raise a family.  I'm committed to fighting for more affordable housing to keep our kids in Hawaii, and this year helped secure over $200 million to create 20,000 affordable rental units!


To combat the skyrocketing cost of higher education, I introduced the Hawaii Promise Program, which is now active and helping our keiki attend college debt-free!  I am also a firm supporter of early childhood education, and I believe that Pre-Kindergarten should be offered in every single public school in our state.  

Areas of focus
  • Crime and Public Safety

  • Affordable Housing

  • Debt-free college

  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten

  • Mayor Wright Redevelopment

  • School facility improvements

  • Youth sports programs

  • Accessible healthcare